Vietnamese menus have been updated

Dear customers

Vietnamese menu 2 – 4 – 5 have been updated with the new dishes. The new recipes have been built for healthy purpose and will presenting by  fresh local vegetables and products for our convenience and concerning.

Best regards

Kitchen Carnivale

Vietnamese vegetarian class successful with four party dishes

Vietnamese vegetarian class was succeed with four dishes from first time. They were in order:

  • Vegetarian salad rolls with fresh lettuce, coriander, Vietnamese herbs, mung-bean sprout, mushrooms… used with ‘Nuoc Cham’ favourite word that Curtis  Stone used for his dish on Coles magazine.
  • Stir fry: Pak-choice, three kind of mushrooms, brown onion with soy sauce
  • Fried tofu stew with five kind of mushroom with soy sauce and pepper
  • Special spring rolls with three kind of mushrooms and other from Vietnamese kitchen.

Congratulation to Rose, Elsa, Anna, Keren and Lisa.

Schedules for October – November – December

Vietnamese experience cooking classes for the last quarter of 2015

Kitchen Carnivale/ October – November – December 2015 Classes image

Sunday 4 October: 10am – 1pm/ Vietnamese 2 – Thuy

Sunday 8 November: 10am – 1pm/ Vietnamese 5 – Thuy

Sunday 27 December: 10am – 1pm/ Vietnamese 5 – Thuy

Monday (PH) 28 December: 10am – 1pm/ Vietnamese Custom Made Class – Thuy

Vietnamese recipes in Bali and Qantas business class

Interesting news

Last July, in the Business Class of Qantas ‘Beef Pho’ was served on plane. The green shallot and delicate coriander brought delicious taste to passengers who chose to use that dish.

Other surprise to customers in Bali as we had chosen the Romeos’ bar serves local beer and the menu offers the Vietnamese rolls and ‘nuoc cham’ delicious and tasty sauce which is going with spring in Bali

Schedule in August and September

Dear Customers

Due to circumstances, our cooking experience cooking classes will miss out some dishes because two members of Kitchen Carnivale are heading to their home countries from July to middle of September.

You may find some classes you are interested in the schedule of August and September.

Warm regards

Kitchen Carnivale