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 Current Menus

   Vietnamese menu 1 Roast duck

Vietnamese chicken wings grilled (entry course)

Vietnamese Roast Duck or Roast Pork (alternative by season) (main course)

Cuttlefish stir fried with pineapple, celery and green shallot (light main course)

Vietnamese chicken with lemongrass and fresh chili (main course)

Vietnamese menu 2 

Turkey mince soup with potatoes, carrot, pepper, onion and shallots (entry course)

Ga xao mien - nam - hanh ngoVietnamese Omelette (light main course) Thit heo kho trung - ngu vi huong

Chicken stir fry with mushroom and mung-bean noodles (main course)

Slow Cooked Pork,  Eggs and Six Spices with coconut water (main course)

Vietnamese menu 3

Chicken Salad with cabbage, onion & Vietnamese mint (entry course)

Vietnamese phoBeef ‘Pho’ – Famous Vietnamese Noodle Soup (main course)

Pork or chicken mince rissoles with pepper & Vietnamese mints (main course)

Silky Tofu – pork mince stir fried with soy sauce, pepper & green shallots (light main course)

Vietnamese menu 4 – Seafood recipesPrawn tamarind with brown onion

Sweet & sour (tamarind) fish soup with tofu, tomatoes (entry course)

Com rang hai sanSquid & prawn with onion and celery salad (main course)

Sweet & tamarind sour prawns with brown onions (main course)

Fried rice with mix seafood (main course)

Vietnamese menu 5 – Christmas and New Year recipes

Goat hot potVietnamese hot pot: Mix seafood – beef – 3 kind of mushrooms – green vegetables – brown onion and green shallot (main course)

Lamb stewed with 10 spices (main course)

Roast pork with special marinated/ Roast turkey with 10 spices by Christmas season (main course)

Coconut jelly (dessert)

Vietnamese menu 6 – Vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian class 31.1 (3)Vegetarian class 31.1 (6)Vietnamese salad rolls: Fried tofu, mung-bean sprouts, mushroom, chives, carrot, rice noodle with Vietnamese fresh herbs. (entry)

Vegetarian class 31.1 (5)

Vegetarian veggies stir fry with soy sauce: Fried tofu, bok-choice, cauliflower, mushroom, brown onion…(light course)

Vegetarian class 31.1 (2)Vietnamese 3 different kinds of mushroom stew with tofu, pepper soy sauce… (main course)

Vegetarian class 31.1 (1)Vegetarian spring rolls: 3 different kinds of mushroom, split mung-bean, fried tofu, carrot, green shallot (main course)

Specialties for Custom Made Classes

Vietnamese spring rolls and fish sauce making – Chả giò & nước chấm (‘nước chấm’ had been advertised by Curtis Stone on Coles magazine) (entry Nước chấm picturecourse)

Vietnamese salad rolls (Vietnamese specialty, special with seafood and vegetarians) and fish sauce making – Cuốn rau sống & nước chấm (entry course)

Vietnamese chicken rice soup with Vietnamese mint and green shallot – Cháo gà & rau răm (light main course)

Vietnamese medium green mango salad with chicken, brown onion and fresh Vietnamese mint herbs. (entry course)  Green mango, brown onion chicken salad

Beef ‘phở’ – Phở Viet Nam (main course)

Rice noodle with beef and pork stewed – Bún bò Huế style (main course)

Rice noodle with pork/ turkey mince, black mushroom, shrim paste – eggs – Bún mọc style (main course)

Banh Xeo (1)Vietnamese pancakes with minced, prawn, mushroom, mungbean sprouts and fish sauce making – Bánh xèo & nước chấm (main course)

Mackerel or Salmon fish fried with garlic, ginger & chili – soy sauce (main course)

Vietnamese roast quails/ pork (main course)

Roast quails

Vietnamese dumplings, dimsims, wontons with fish sauce making – Bánh bao, hoành thánh & nước chấm (light main course)

Vietnamese rissoles by mince and spices or herbs (main course)

Pork mince soup with tomatoes, eggs, dills & green shallots (entry course)

Vietnamese vegetarian other dishes (with different type of vegetarians, we can add egg, fish or other needs as require)

Vietnamese vegetarian soup: Tomatoes, silky tofu, snow beans, coconut water, corn flour and green shallot (entry or light meal)

Vietnamese vegetarian soup: Potatoes, carrot, chick peas, pepper, and shallots with coconut water (entry course)

Pea soup with eggs and dills & green shallots (vegetarian – entry course)

Green bean stir fried with garlic (vegetarian light main course)

Vietnamese veggie salad rolls (entry)

Vietnamese pak-choice and four kind of mushrooms stir fry (light main course)

Vietnamese 3-4 kind of mushrooms slow cooked (vegetarian – main course)

Vietnamese veggie spring rolls with three kind of mushrooms and others (main course)

Vietnamese vegetarian Banh Xeo: rice flour, corn flour, turmeric powder, split mung-bean, mushrooms, mung-bean sprouts, green shallot and coconut water (main course)

Veggie salad with ‘Nước Chấm’ dressing and other Vietnamese mints and herbs (vegetarian entry course)

Vietnamese mushrooms (4-5 different kinds) with other crunchy veggies hotpot in coconut water broth (vegetarian – main course)

Vietnamese desserts

Banh troi - floating cakes (1)

Vietnamese floating cakes made by sticky rice flour and cooked mung-bean in the middle with ginger syrup (bánh trôi) (dessert)

Vietnamese sweet mung-bean, tapioca little balls & sticks with coconut water (dessert) – Che Dau Xanh

Vietnamese sweet sticky rice, tapioca little balls and sticks with coconut water (dessert) – Che Nep

Coconut jelly (dessert)

… and other Vietnamese dishes you want to cook which have designed in my own recipes. Vegetarian dishes can be designed or custom as in Custom Made Class request and they are tasty and delicious as others in my recipes.

More information and dishes pictures of Vietnamese dishes can be browsed in Kitchen Carnivale Facebook.

Class Schedule and Bookings

My name is Thuy Woodman, I come from Viet Nam.

I began cooking and cooking well after I have had my first child. I used to live in Viet Nam country before I moved to Australia, which not only has an abundance of freshwater and sea foods but also has the freshest herbs, spices and vegetables in the world.

Since I have lived in Australia and Sunshine Coast, I realise that weather and soil in QLD is very similar to Viet Nam, I can have similar herbs and spices in the local market, why I cannot share the different style and taste of cooking from my country to Australian people.

Food represents my country, food is culture, food is people. I would like to share the cook and healthy foods experience with other people, so they can cook delicious meals for whom they care about, especially the food has cooked by love and passion  always taste delicious and great.

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