Persian (Iranian) – Shirin

Persian (Iranian) Cooking Classes with ShirinLCP-0929

Current Menu – Persian (Iranian) 3

Fesenjun (Chicken stew with walnut and pomegranate paste) with special rice

Mirzaghasemi (an eggplant dish with egg)

Koo Koo Loobia (meat and vegetable quiche)




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Baked Eggplant - Persian

About Shirin

I am Shirin Jedari  from Iran.

Food is one of the serious and main thing in my country. In ceremonies and special days the most important thing is delicious food for my people.

I’ve learned cooking from my mother and have been cooking since I was seventeen.

I have many experiences in Iranian dishes and am well known in my community for my cooking.  I am creative with cooking and am always experimenting with both Iranian and other dishes from around the world.

I’d like to share my knowledge with other people who wants to learn more.

Previous Menus


Persian (Iranian) 2

Tahchin (a type of cooking rice) with Chicken

Persian Kebabs

Iranian Corn Snack


Persian (Iranian) 1

Lentil Pilaf

Pilitch – Wrapped Chicken Breast

Khagineh – a Persian Dessert

Walnut Cookies

Class Schedule and Bookings



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