Mauritian Creole – Amrita

Mauritian Creole Cooking Classes with AmritaDSC_0693

Current Menus

Mauritian Creole 2

Croquette Fromage (Cheese Croquette) Entree

Salmi Lamb (Lamb cooked in spicy red wine sauce) (pictured)

Fricassé Rice with mixed Vegetable

Saute Sausage with Bok Choy and Soy Sauce (side dish)

Mauritian Creole 3

Roti (fried bread)

Chicken Curry

Stir fried beef and vegetables

Pickled Cabbage

Fresh tomato chutney

Class Schedule and Bookings
Mauritian Creole 4 

Mauritian Cooking class for the 28th February
Book now! Limited spaces!Turkey Meatballs  (GF) amrita fish curry picTurkey meatball with vegetables

Mild Fish curry with eggplant
Dhall-poori (flat bead stuffed with split peas )

Picked Vegetables
Cucumber and yogurt salad


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