Menus and Cuisine

Class Timetable and Bookings


Classes are not consecutive – you can join any class number

PERSIAN (IRANIAN) 2: Tahchin (a type of cooking rice) with chicken; Persian Kebabs; Corn Snack; Baklava

PERSIAN ( IRANIAN ) 3: Fesenjun ( Chicken stew with walnut and pomegranate paste ) with special rice; Mirzaghasemi (a type of eggplant dish with egg ); Koo Koo Loobia ( meat and vegetable quiche ); BAKLAVA

VIETNAMESE 1: Vietnamese Roast Duck/ Pork (alternative with different spices and herbs), Chicken wings grilled, Garlic – Green bean stir fried, Cuttlefish with pineapple – celery & green shallot, Vietnamese Chicken with lemongrass & chili

VIETNAMESE 2: Slow Cooked Pork with coconut water, Eggs and Six Spices; Sweet and Salty Prawns (Tom Rim); Vietnamese Omelette; Soup with potatoes, carrot, pepper & shallots

VIETNAMESE 3: Chicken ‘Pho’ – Famous Vietnamese Noodle Soup; Chicken Salad with cabbage, onion & Vietnamese mint; Tamarind Prawn with onion; Silky Tofu Stir Fry with mince

VIETNAMESE 4: Fish stews with tomatoes and spices; Tamarind fish soup with taufu; Fish fries with Vietnamese sauce; Rice fries with seafood.

VIETNAMESE 5: Vietnamese hotpot, Stewed lamb, Roast Turkey and Coconut jelly for your party and family union moment

INDO/BENGALI 3: Samosa; Fish curry; Beef vindaloo; Pumpkin curry with pine nuts

MAURITIAN CREOLE 2: Croquette Fromage (Cheese Croquette); Salmi Lamb (Lamb cooked in spicy red wine sauce); Fricassé Rice with mixed Vegetable; Saute Sausage with Bok Choy and Soy Sauce

MAURITIAN CREOLE 3: Roti (fried bread); Chicken Curry; Stir fried beef and vegetables; Pickled Cabbage; Fresh tomato chutney

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