‘Nước Chấm’ is in Curtis Stone recipe – Coles’ advertises

Nước chấm picture

‘Nước chấm’ – are Vietnamese words to express the liquid’s made special for some foods deep in, lately Vietnamese use it as dressing as well and it is tasted in all kind of salads or any kind of fresh vegetables with rice noodles. ’Nước chấm’ is a kind of dressing made from garlic—chilli—lemon/ lime juice—sugar—salt– fish sauce and it has been used for almost Vietnamese dishes in the country. Without ‘nước chấm’ the dish is just plain taste but with it the dish is tasted delicious and seemed unique.

Vietnamese live with ‘nước chấm’ thousand years and to them it’s so ordinary. Only Vietnamese have lived over sea before decade ’90 could understand how hard to live without ‘nước chấm’ because no fish sauce exported that time.

Now look at the picture is Coles’ advertised by Cutis Stone’s recipe introduction, so you can understand why ‘Nước chấm’ becomes favourite and star in your dish. See the orange circle and rectangular in the picture you could see Curtis mentioned about it?!

Visit the website and you will see how the information appreciated ‘Nước Chấm’ in the recipe



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